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David Lago Emmy Speech

David Lago does a Christopher Walken impersonation from "Catch Me If You Can" after winning his Daytime Emmy in 2005.

David Lago talks returning to The Young And The Restless for the 45th Anniversary

Screen Tests w/ Emmy Award Winner David Lago talking about returning to The Young And The Restless for it's epic 45th ...

David Lago's 2017 Comedy Reel

Lago's 2017 Comedy Reel.

David Lago - Green Desert Blues

Based on improvisation over the harmonic field of three major notes, and some major in ionian, lydian and mixolydian. Green ...

David Lago on Soap Talk 05' PART 2

David explains his speech.

Nanotecnología: David Lago at TEDxGijón

David Lago is a researcher at University of Oviedo. In this talk he explain about the importance of nantechnology to defeat cancer.

David Lago - Gravitational Blueshift

David Lago - Improvisation baptized as "Gravitational Blueshift" due to this question asked today at ...

David Lago - Peaches en Regalia - Live at Matriz 2006

David Lago - Peaches en Regalia - Live at Matriz 2006.

David Lago - Stress (Pain of Salvation) - Drum Play Along

Song: Stress Album: Entropia Band: Pain of Salvation I AM NOT A DRUMMER. I am a guitar player who worships music in general ...

David Lago - Chasm Of Oceanus (DISMA)

This is one of the best Death Metal songs I know. It is solid, heavy, doomish, fast, and lots of other adjectives. I am playing tuned in ...

L3Harris Airline Academy Cadet Voices - David Lago

David Lago discusses his first solo flight at the European Airline Academy.

Niemand weiß - David Lago

Improvisação, chamei de Niemand weiß.

David Lago on Soap Talk 05' PART 1

David talks about his independent films and his controversial EMMY speech.

David Lago plays: Pain of Salvation - Angels of Broken Things (Drum Play along)

I am guitar player, most of the time. but I really enjoy playing the drums. I am a great fan of odd time signatures, and this instrument ...

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