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Tyson Apostol Plans On Telling Pregame Lies On ‘Survivor’ Season 40 | SURVIVOR

Having appeared three times on the reality series, “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” winner Tyson Apostol tells Sangita Patel his strategy ...

Best of Tyson- Winners at War

Thanks for checking out this video. Give us your feedback in the comment section and Subscribe to join the fam. If have any ...

Survivor Tocantins- Best of Tyson

The best scenes of Tyson on Survivor Tocantins.

Ponderosa - Sierra, Part 1

Survivor Tocantins, Season 18

Survivor: Blood vs Water - Winner

Tyson Apostol: Winner, Season 27 Monica Culpepper: 2nd place, Season 27 Gervase Peterson: 3rd place, Season 27.

Rachel and Tyson’s Intimate Utah Wedding

Survivor” winner Tyson Apostol and his bride Rachel Foulger tied the knot with just 40 guests—12 of which were flower girls.

Survivor Champions BATTLE For Real Money | S1 E10 Poker Night Live!

Survivor Champions Night (Season 1 Week 10), a theme pitched to production by Tyson Apostol, gave new meaning to the ...

Ponderosa - Tyson, Part 1

Survivor Tocantins, Season 18

Survivor: Winners At War Ep. 8 Player of the Week - Tyson Apostol

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Survivor Tocantins - Meet Tyson

Tyson Apostol (29) Hometown: Lindon, Utah Occupation: Professional Cyclist.

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains - Tyson Blindsided Part 1 (Reuploaded)

Tyson Apostol: 15th place, Season 20 Reuploaded this because I just realized it was deleted by Youtube for some reason.

Tyson Apostol at the "Survivor" 10 Year Anniversary Party

Tyson Apostol talks to the LA Times about the 20th season of "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."

Meet Tyson Apostol and Rachel Foulger

SURVIVOR Blood Vs. Water, Season 27

Tyson Apostol - Pisscave ft. Ethan Zohn (World Premiere)

Short background on the Pisscave, followed by the world premiere of the hit single "Pisscave" from Tyson Apostol.

Best of Tyson: Part 1

Tyson's one of my favorites this season because he's maniacal and I don't know what he's going to do. The great thing about ...

Survivor- Tyson

TYSON was my fav castaway from survivor tocantins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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